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Your chance to speak up on how to improve the Environmental Registry

Deadline for providing feedback to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is December 21

Whether you’re a regular or just an occasional user of the Environmental Registry, you’ve probably noticed that the website is badly in need of updating. The Environmental Registry has been the Ontario government’s key tool for informing and consulting the public on environmental initiatives since the Environmental Bill of Rights came into force over twenty years ago – and it’s showing its age. Awkward and confusing search functions, limited commenting functions and numerous other glitches can make it difficult for Ontarians to voice their concerns on environmental matters.

The ECO highlighted the need for improvements to the Environmental Registry in our 2014/2015 Annual Report, and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change – which runs the Registry – agreed.  To get the ministry started, the ECO informally solicited input from some frequent Registry users and compiled their advice, together with our own, in a letter to the deputy minister in the spring of 2016. You can read our letter, and a blog that we posted about it on our website.

Now that the project to overhaul the Registry is actually underway, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has posted a notice on the Registry seeking the public’s feedback. Until December 21, you can complete this survey and provide your suggestions for enhancing the Registry.

This is your chance to tell the government what is important to you about the Environmental Registry:

  • Why do you use the Registry, and how?
  • What features are most helpful to you?
  • What changes to the Registry would make your experience easier?
  • What new features would enhance your experience?

Let’s not forget that while the Environmental Bill of Rights established the Environmental Registry to enable public participation, it did so as a means to achieve the act’s environmental purposes. With that in mind, the ECO encourages you to take this opportunity to help the government make the Environmental Registry a better tool for all users – and, ultimately, for the environment.


The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s information notice and survey, Enhancing the Environmental Registry, were posted on the Environmental Registry on November 21, 2016 (#012-7929).  The survey will be available until December 21, 2016.

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