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Top 10 most commented-on proposals on the Environmental Registry in 2017

The Environmental Registry is a website that provides the public with access to information about environmentally significant proposals being put forward by the Ontario government, and also allows the public to provide comments. The Environmental Registry is the key Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) tool facilitating public engagement in government environmental decision making. It can be accessed at

Below is a list of the top 10 most commented-on government decisions on the Environmental Registry in 2017 (as of December 21, 2017).

# of comments received
Proposal Amendments to Wildlife Regulations including the Closure of Snapping Turtle Harvest across Ontario
# of comments received 13,461
Proposal Technical Guidance on Bottled Water
# of comments received 8,431
Proposal Establishing a new Bottled Water Charge
# of comments received 7,962
Proposal Ontario’s Pollinator Health Action Plan
# of comments received 5,220
Proposal Discussion Guide for Ontario’s Energy Future
# of comments received 1,755
Proposal Amendments to the Niagara Escarpment Plan
# of comments received 902
Proposal Amendments to the Algonquin Provincial Park Management Plan
# of comments received 783
Proposal Ontario’s Wetland Conservation Strategy
# of comments received 654
Proposal Design Options for the Cap and Trade Program
# of comments received 575
Proposal Offset Credits under the Cap and Trade Program
# of comments received 549

The Environmental Registry provides other information that may help the public exercise their EBR rights, including:

  • notice of appeals and leave to appeal applications related to classified instruments;
  • background information about the EBR;
  • links to the full text of the EBR and its regulations;
  • links to prescribed ministries’ SEVs;
  • in some cases, links to the full text of proposed and final policies, acts, regulations and instruments; and
  • in some cases, links to other information relevant to a proposal.

The MOECC hosts and maintains the Environmental Registry. The ECO monitors ministries’ use of the Registry to ensure that prescribed ministries are fulfilling their responsibilities under the EBR and respecting the public’s participation rights.

To help you stay on top of the issues you care about, the ECO offers a service called Environmental Registry Alerts. After signing up, you just enter keywords or phrases that reflect your interests. Environmental Registry Alerts monitors the Registry, and sends you an e-mail when new notices that contain your chosen keywords are posted.

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