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The Debate on Climate Change has Shifted

In recent years, the tone of the debate on climate change has shifted. In fact, many people agree that we are now well past the point of arguing about whether or not climate change is occurring: there is irrefutable scientific evidence that it is. I am pleased that the tone of the discussion on climate change has also changed in our province’s Legislature.

Last year, all members of the Legislature agreed on a motion that climate change is real, man-made and poses a threat to Ontario. Just last week, another motion was unanimously passed, which committed the members to raise awareness of the threat to local ecosystems of melting ice in Hudson and James Bays. This northern region of the province is home to Ontario’s polar bears, which are directly threatened by melting ice. The boreal forests, vast wetlands and northern communities surrounding Hudson Bay can also be expected to experience negative changes as a consequence of melting ice. What happens in Ontario’s north matters to all of us.

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