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Green Energy Doors Open!

green-energy-doors-open-logoThe annual Doors Open events have opened our eyes to the insides of many of Ontario’s remarkable heritage buildings, and helped remove some of the mystery by showing us how these buildings operate. You may not know that there is a similar event dedicated to bringing you “behind the curtain” of green and sustainable energy projects, and it’s coming up this Saturday, October 3!

Green Energy Doors Open, organized by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, will showcase dozens of projects that are making a contribution to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario. Most sites are open for drop-in visits during listed hours on Saturday, although you are encouraged to pre-register online for certain events. Whether your interest runs to rooftop solar panels, deep energy home retrofits, electric vehicles, the smart grid, or even straw-bale buildings, you should be able to find a site or two that piques your interest. Hopefully you will come away inspired and convinced that a cleaner energy system does not need to wait for future technologies, but is very much something we can and should be building today. Check this map to get your journey started!

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