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Government proposes to include the Treasury Board, Places to Grow Act and Invasive Species Act under the EBR

Proposals to reduce waste and greenhouse gases from Ontario government operations could soon be posted for public comment. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) is proposing to prescribe the Treasury Board Secretariat, which houses the Ontario Public Service Green Office, under the Environmental Bill of Rights(EBR).

When a ministry or other government body, like the Treasury Board Secretariat, is prescribed under Part II of the EBR, it must post environmentally significant proposals to the Environmental Registry, and consider any public comments it receives before making a final decision. The ministry must also draft a Statement of Environmental Values, which it must consider when making decisions that could affect the environment.

The MOECC can also prescribe acts under the EBR, which would require the ministry responsible for the act to post proposals for, and consider public comments on, any decisions to make, change, or revoke environmentally significant regulations under the prescribed act.

As part of the same amendment to O. Reg. 73/94, the MOECC is proposing to prescribe the Places to Grow Act, 2005, as well as the new Invasive Species Act, 2015 under the EBR. It is also proposing to prescribe the Invasive Species Act under Part V of the EBR, which requires the responsible ministry (in this case the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) to respond to requests from the public to investigate persons that might be contravening the act (Applications for Investigation). Feedback on the proposed amendments is invited until April 11, 2016.

To comment on this environmentally significant proposal, visit Ontario’s Environmental Registry.

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